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Strategies and KPIs for managing COVID-19 and planning for long term impact.

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Analyze all cost, service, and quality initiatives across your full membership to uncover ROI drivers and amplify what works.

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Measure the health of your initiatives in minutes vs. months. Integrate data-driven insights into your daily workflow to maximize outcomes.

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Latest Insights

Protected: Our Position on Health Equity

Health inequity is when avoidable differences in health status exist and are unduly influenced by unjust reasons such as race and ethnicity, income or geography.

Meet our Chief Medical Officer, Michael Poku, MD, MBA

Dr. Poku is NHT’s clinical strategy leader. In this role, he brings his passion for developing, implementing and measuring the effectiveness of novel care models to the challenge of optimizing payer clinical and quality programs with descriptive, predictive and increasingly prescriptive analytics.

Creating a Baseline: 5 Steps to Measure Everything and Improve Affordability

The first step toward affordability – knowing what works – with the advanced breadth, depth and speed of the NextHealth platform, helps plans know what they have, what they need to look at, and where to go from there.

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Complex analytics, made friendly

Workflow-integrated analytics and decisioning that empower your team to personalize member experience, improve outcomes, and evolve healthcare.

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