A different kind of healthcare technology company.

NextHealth Technologies pinpoints transformative cost savings and program effectiveness by measuring and optimizing any use case.

  • Know which programs work and which don't starting within 60 days
  • Make decisions faster for higher impact clinical and consumer programs
  • Reduce costs and improve outcomes with trust-building, scientifically-rigorous methodologies


Measurement and Optimization Value Curve

How advanced is your organization in developing a culture of measurement?

Organizations that foster a culture of measurement and optimization make better decisions faster because they know what works. See how your organization compares to your peers, and how you can advance up the curve.

Case Study:
Pinpoint 60% of ER Overuse Costs by Targeting Only 20% of Members:A Regional Healthplan ER Savings Case Study
White Paper:
Executive Insights:
Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage
in Health Care through Measurement and Optimization
Case Study:
Colorado Healthplan 6.3% Reductions ($6 PMPM)
in ER Utilization in a Medicaid Population
How Long Do Nudges Last?
Positive Behavior Persistence in a Targeted Medicaid Population
Causal Outcomes: 25% Reductions in Emergency Room Visits
Implementing Behavioral Economics and Predictive Analytics in a Targeted Medicaid Population

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key benefits

Proven ROI

Randomized controlled trials prove causality. Prescriptive analytics optimize resources based on what works best for whom.

Measurable Outcomes in 90 Days

Member engagement begins within 90 days from data receipt – outcomes measured and optimized with every data refresh.

Quickly Scale to Other Use Cases

The platform simultaneously tackles multiple use cases to drive additional cost savings.

Less Waste, More Impact

Health plans spend millions on programs that don't deliver results. Know what works so you spend less on programs that don't deliver proven cost savings and member impact.

As a HITRUST CSF Certified solution, NextHealth meets key healthcare regulations and requirements for protecting and securing sensitive private healthcare information.


Know WHICH use case to impact

Where do you want to focus on driving down medical costs and improving outcomes?

Know WHO to target

The platform predicts which populations to target for the biggest impact

Know WHAT programs to suggest

The platform prescribes personalized member-level “nudges” that change behavior and drive positive outcomes

Know HOW WELL it’s working

The platform measures and optimizes messaging, channels and outcomes, so your resources deliver the biggest impact


ER overuse is a $38B annual problem. It’s one of many use cases that the NextHealth platform addresses to drive down costs.


NextHealth Technologies Named For the Second Year in a Row in Three of Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle Reports


NextHealth Technologies Named in Frost & Sullivan's Global Healthcare Data Analytics 2017 Report