When addressing complex problems, the right deployment model can be just as important as the solution.

In a world of finite resources, limited time, and competing priorities, health plans must be extra diligent when investing in new solutions. Identifying the best solution, whether it’s new technology or a streamlined business process, is merely the first step. How the investment is deployed can differentiate failure from success. Organizations must deploy solutions in a way that mitigates short-term risk, does not drain organizational bandwidth, allots time to prove ROI, and sets up the organization to successfully scale solutions long-term.

Build-Operate-Transfer deployments reduce short-term investment, prove ROI, and empower teams for long-term, scalable growth.

Implementing NextHealth’s platform via our Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT”) methodology delivers scalable operational and financial benefit, while achieving those multi-pronged objectives – making our solution a rare find in today’s world. While NextHealth customizes the BOT deployment timeline and approach for each client, the image below illustrates how this phased approach unfolds and translates into scalable value.

Process & Timeline

Months 0 – 3: Build

NextHealth’s Managed services team leads the implementation process, including key activities such as providing project management support for data exchange processes and establishing a core governance framework and operating rhythm. In conjunction with the client, NextHealth will also begin preparing the regional deployment of new programs designed to reduce the costs associated with a pre-determined use case, such as avoidable ER utilization.

Months 3 – 18: Operate

During this critical window, NextHealth leads program execution, including direct member engagement across all channels – including telephonic, digital, and print. As results unfold, NextHealth partners closely with the client to identify how the platform fits into the health plan’s workflows to amplify existing capabilities and/or fill critical gaps in the end-to-end orchestration of cost reduction programs.  End users are identified within the client organization and trained to serve as subject matter experts.

Months 18 & Beyond: Transfer

As the initial deployment of the solution delivers tangible, causal results, NextHealth supports the client in scaling the program across a broader population to amplify cost savings. This proof point also serves as the launch pad for the identification of additional use cases, leveraging the 30+ off-the-shelf KPIs built into the platform or custom-built measures developed in the platform by the end user. During this phase, member engagement activities are transferred to the client, enabling closely knit integration and improved operational efficiencies.


The BOT deployment methodology is advantageous for customers in three primary ways, leading to increased net paid savings overtime:

  1. Risk Management: BOT enables testing of the NextHealth solution while minimizing both upfront resource requirements and financial risk. NextHealth does the upfront legwork associated with implementation and bears risk for results during the initial deployment.
  2. Optimization: BOT enables the opportunity for the client and NextHealth to partner together to identify the optimal way to integrate the platform into the health plan’s existing operations to ensure long term success.
  3. Scalability: BOT capitalizes on the scalability of the platform, leading to increased savings over time via the expansion of successful programs and deployment and testing of new use cases.

By Anne Marie Aponte, SVP of Operations, NextHealth Technologies

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