Targeted programs reduce communication fatigue for consumers and maximize investments for health plans

The topic of consumer engagement is pervasive in healthcare. Health plans often struggle to get the right tools and information to the members who need them most. Meanwhile, members are dealing with ‘engagement abrasion’ – the dilemma created by too many non-targeted, generalized messages coming their way and not providing value.

“The ability to rapidly measure and optimize a vast number of complex cost and quality interventions can drive significant value for organizations at risk for healthcare spend.”

As we shift towards an environment where members and providers assume more of the risk for managing costs, plans are pushing more information to those stakeholders to help educate them. As a result, it’s more important than ever that plans know and can prove which of their programs are working and what efforts are ineffective. The ability to rapidly measure and optimize a vast number of complex cost and quality interventions can drive significant value for organizations at risk for healthcare spend.

Harnessing the capability to measure and optimize allows organizations to:

  1. Drive greater MLR reduction by identifying and amplifying initiatives that are working for unique populations or segments
  2. Save marketing and operational dollars internally by turning off initiatives that are ineffective
  3. Free up analytic resources to spend more time driving insights and new program design
  4. Increase member satisfaction by serving up the right programs and interventions to the right individuals to meet their particular healthcare needs

At NextHealth, we use rigorous statistical measurement and machine learning to identify which outreach methods work best for specific member populations.


You mailed 600,000 members a flier and magnet on ER diversion and saw a 2% decrease in overall utilization…was it the mailer or simply a seasonal trend?

What if you could identify that your ER mailer impacted 50,000 members with children under 2, but had no impact on the other 550,000 members. You could get the same 2% decrease for a fraction of the cost.

You emailed 2 million members and saw a 1% increase in cancer screening rates…did those emails work or did something else change their behavior?

What if you could identify that your email worked on an affluent, healthy female sub-population, and you could influence that same sub-population to utilize your cost navigator tool to find lower cost, higher quality care settings for their other care needs. You could get the same or better screening rates on your total population, and reduce total cost of care for this targeted group.

You conduct thousands of interventions with members every day, from texting, email and phone to intensive case management…do they work? And for whom?

What if you could feed every campaign and every care management program through a single, purpose-built platform to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your member engagement?  

The NextHealth platform allows users to load any campaign or intervention (past, present or ongoing) and to choose the most appropriate statistical methods to measure results in real time. Users can segment results by different sub-populations and use the NextHealth engine to drive targeting based on our prescriptive insights. Once you find what works for whom, let the platform take over and continue assigning the right targeted members to the right interventions to increase your impact with maximum efficiency. All this can be done in a single, cloud-based interface that extends and enhances existing operations and IT infrastructure.

The NextHealth dashboard enables health plans to easily configure, deploy, and optimize campaigns from a single interface. Resource effectiveness can be measured at any time, providing intel for rapid improvements.

By measuring and optimizing cost and quality initiatives, NextHealth is helping our clients and their members to make the best healthcare decisions. We are causally impacting medical cost reduction and increasing operational efficiencies. We are helping our clients turn consumer engagement from a buzzword to measurable outcomes.

Contributed by Elise Mariner, VP of Client Services, NextHealth Technologies

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