Amy Belt Raimundo, Board Observer

Amy brings close to 25 years of healthcare experience across investing, start-up and large corporate operations and management consulting. She’s had a 360 degree of healthcare having worked in the payer, provider, medical device and analytics spaces for very small (10) to very large organizations (200,000) organizations.

As a managing director for Kaiser Permanente Ventures, she focuses on investments that make strong financial returns as well as a strategic impact for KP across healthcare including HCIT, services, medical device and diagnostics.


Amy spends her free time running after her rambunctious young daughter and going to the gym so that she can keep up with said child. As a “masters” athlete (which is a euphemism for “old”), she needs all the help she can get.


MBA from the University of California at Berkeley, BA in Economics from Yale University and a Kauffman Venture Fellow