Reliable, independent analysis reveals $70+ million in medical cost savings​

Independent evaluation drives cost-savings, builds employer trust

A regional health plan had an affordability crisis. In 10 years, medical costs increased 55 percent. Employer clients demanded solutions to reduce costs. Contemporaneously, there was a growing competitive threat from concierge service providers offering carve-out programs to contain costs. 

To meet the challenge, the health plan wanted to measure the effectiveness of all of its clinical initiatives and quickly deliver valid, reliable results to its employer clients. Using in-house analytic resources, this measurement initiative would have taken four years. In fact, a recent poll found most payers are only able to measure approximately a third of all programs each year. That’s why the health plan chose NextHealth Technologies to independently analyze 50 programs, identify cost-savings opportunities, and accelerate the time to results by 87.5 percent.​​


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