We deliver transformational medical cost savings.

And we can prove it.

Focus on value.

Make the move from volume of activity to value of the outcome.

Healthcare costs are exploding at an alarming rate. NextHealth Technologies provides an integrated, enterprise-grade prescriptive analytics platform that orchestrates radical claims savings, at scale. NextHealth is a “full-stack” solution that enables risk-bearing entities to save up to $42 PMPM in 90 days or less. 

As a result you only spend where it delivers outcomes. That means you’re only investing in campaigns that deliver results. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.


Reduced emergency room (ER) visits in a Medicaid population by 26%



Delivered results 90 days after program launch



NextHealth and its regional health plan client achieved a $42 per member per month drop in medical costs


Proven Causality

Randomized controlled trials prove and measure the impacts of each member-level intervention for precise ROI calculations and optimization of resources.

The Outcome Platform™

NextHealth enables your teams to work together using our platform to orchestrate medical cost savings and improve outcomes across the use cases that matter most to your business.

Shared Savings

An optional managed services offering limits your resource requirements and aligns your success with ours with an at-risk contract based on causal claims savings.