Anne Marie Aponte, Senior Vice President of Operations

Anne Marie Aponte is the Senior Vice President of Operations for NextHealth Technologies.  In this role, Anne Marie has overall responsibility for the company’s product and service delivery, including maximizing results for our clients, identifying and executing on mutually beneficial opportunities to expand partnership opportunities within our existing accounts, and ensuring seamless connectivity between our product roadmap and client needs.

Prior to NextHealth, Anne Marie led operations at Accolade, where she was similarly responsible for overall service delivery.  During her six years with the company, she led a myriad of projects focused on refining the company’s solution, driving growth within the existing customer base, and scaling operations via new technology and process.  Prior to Accolade, Anne Marie worked for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, spending time in human resources, sales, and marketing.

Outside the office, Anne Marie enjoys competing in local CrossFit competitions and weightlifting meets, exploring the local food scene, and listening to live music.

MBA in Health Care Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; BS in Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University.