Sonu Kansal, Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer at NextHealth, Sonu oversees product, engineering and analytics. Sonu offers 20 years of experience building software for some of the largest global industries.

Prior to NextHealth, Sonu served as Vice President of Products and Engineering at Google and Yahoo! At Yahoo!, Sonu led product management and engineering teams for some of the largest data initiatives used within Yahoo!’s media brands. These brands included Yahoo Health and Lifestyles, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and the Yahoo Contributor Network, an evolution of Associated Content, an online media company.

Kansal began his career as a senior platform engineer at Sony before joining SonicNet which was shortly thereafter acquired by Viacom’s MTV Interactive Networks, where he served as the Director and VP of Technology.

Kansal holds a Masters of Sciences in Management and a Bachelors of Sciences in Information Technology from the Colorado State University where he graduated summa cum laude.