How Does it Work?

Influencing Member Behavior

Health plans everywhere struggle with influencing member behavior. You can’t force people to make smart decisions about their care, to participate in wellness programs, to take advantage of care management assistance, or utilize more cost-efficient resources.  

That’s why you provide outreach. But this is where NextHealth can make a big difference. Rather than sticking to a standardized risk model and trying a blanket approach to engagement, we utilize additional intelligence, like Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). This enables us to zero in on the members who’d most likely benefit—those who would be impacted by an engagement campaign—and then which campaigns and channels they would respond to.

NextHealth Technologies has the capabilities, expertise and track record to influence member behavior at scale throughout a health plan.

The Engagement Funnel  

Together we’ll help you identify: 

  • Which members to target 
  • Which channels to use to reach them 
  • Which engagement strategies to employ 
  • Who’ll enroll, participate and stick with various programs 
  • How to scale those learnings to impact the maximum number of members with minimum investment 

Our solutions combine an innovative platform, support from a team of experts and key technology partnerships as one coordinated set of insights all aimed at reducing total cost of care.  

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Bring us your challenge, and we will use our experience and solutions to uncover cost savings for you and your members.