Make data work for you.

Not the other way around.

Always be learning.

Data isn’t an asset unless it works for you.

Become a hero in your organization by empowering rapid decision making and trust using an advanced analytics platform that can optimize hundreds of different clinical initiatives concurrently and monitor ongoing performance.

The NextHealth Platform

Creating value immediately.

Know what works…in minutes, not months

Your stakeholders don’t want to wait six months to a year to learn what is working across all of their clinical and consumer initiatives. They want to know NOW so they can make better decisions. With NextHealth’s workflow-integrated platform, you can run in-depth and ongoing analyses of any program with the click of a button.

Optimize everything

Built on Microsoft Azure and utilizing Apache Spark, NextHealth’s secure and scalable platform enables you to measure and optimize outcomes of any and all programs in near real time. No longer will your organization need to choose where to focus precious analytics resources – optimize everything and increase resource availability.

Dig deep and personalize

Move beyond population health management and understand the right levers to turn to impact individual consumers’ behavior. With an AI and machine learning powered platform, it has never been easier or faster to determine the next best action for each member. Achieve personalization at scale, with the touch of a button.

How it Works - Personalization at Scale

NextHealth’s platform moves beyond the population management focus to empower your organization to identify the actions that drive desired behavior at the individual level and then target “look alike” groups for better outcomes. Test and learn rapidly what works for whom and then optimize the results – all integrated into your everyday workflow.

Highly Secure, Scalable Cloud Computing Environment

Powered by Microsoft Azure and Spark, NextHealth easily scales to accommodate your entire book of business and all of your initiatives. As a HITRUST certified solution, the platform offers peace of mind and full security for your valuable data. Integrated and standardized program setup engenders trust and flexibility to focus on the business and clinical goals that are most important to your organization – across service, quality, and affordability.



Yes, this is a great way to start and get organizational adoption. Once the data is uploaded, we can use simulated RCTs, difference in differences, A/B tests and other statistical methods to determine within 30 days whether or not your current programs are generating results.

Member engagement begins within 90 days of data receipt. Outcomes are measured with every data refresh, starting 30 days from deployment. Want to learn more? Contact us.

NextHealth has delivered groundbreaking outcomes such as savings of $144 PMPY in medical costs and 26% reductions in avoidable ER usage in targeted commercial, Medicaid, and ASO populations. We’d love to customize a cost savings calculation for you. Contact us to start the discussion.

Analytics & Data

Our system allows business users to use our standard KPIs or create their own, perform ID strat and do program measurement and optimization on their own. We have helped health plans solve for network leakage, EPSDT, colorectal cancer screening, and avoidable ER reduction. New use cases are continuously being added.

Machine learning refers to algorithms that find patterns in data. These algorithms are typically “trained” on large amounts of input data and then apply that knowledge to new, but similar data for inference and prediction. NextLift™ and NextInsight™ use several algorithms from machine learning to predict KPI’s for members from large amounts of historical member attributes. NextLift™ also incorporates an adaptive learning cycle where results from previous deployment iterations feed back into the platform, and new deployments are re-optimized according to the latest results. However, this cycle is not considered “machine learning” in the traditional sense.

We randomly assign members to trial and control groups during the nudge assignment algorithm via computer generated random numbers. There is no human intervention, and randomization occurs independently of any attributes other than membership within a population. The randomization is generally set to generate an average of 1 control member for every 2 trial members.

We don’t incorporate models directly, but we can incorporate the output of your models. Those outputs will be used as a set of risk groupers which are fed into our NoSQL database to be combined with the variables that our platform identifies to see which variables are the most predictive of impactable risk. We can also augment data with 3rd party sources to add contact data or other variables including social determinants of health that can strengthen our predictive ability.

Working with NextHealth

After an initial conversation, we work with you to identify high-level metrics to build a business case which is important in benchmarking the outcome and in the engagement. This process typically takes 30 to 60 days.


Existing programs can be run through our systems in 60 days or less for a post mortem assessment.

To get up and running with a new program, it takes roughly 90 days to load data into the platform, create clinical program campaign content, and prepare for launch. On day 91, we start engaging members.

Engagement can be done by NextHealth or inhouse depending on the deployment approach. We can also load and measure existing clinical programs which gives you additional value while results begin to come in from newly launched programs and those results can be seen as soon as the data is loaded and run through the system.

We continue measurement and optimization on a monthly basis for the term of the contract.

We work closely with your analytics group and offer several services to scale and ramp your team.

We collaborate to conduct audits of your current programs to identify new opportunities to deliver ROI. Many customers initially use our platform with managed services to support rapid launch. And, we train your team how to use the platform for deployment at your pace and scale across your programs.

General FAQs

The NextHealth approach cycles through three questions (Identify, Execute, Optimize). We kick off the process by working with you to identify key opportunities (use cases) to tackle such as avoidable ER visit utilization, wellness visits, out-of-network claims, etc.

  1. Target: Who can benefit the most from your programs? The NextHealth solution assigns predicted risk scoring for each member for the given use case.
  2. Execute: What do you do and say once those members are identified? Firstwe load an inventory of programs (e.g. Nurse Advice Line, Urgent Care, telemedicine, etc.). Then we identify the best channel for outreach (e.g. phone, text, email, direct mail, etc.). The combination of program and channel is called a “nudge”.
  3. Optimize: How well is each campaign working? We use randomized control trials to determine what’s working and for which members. Then, we find the signal in the noise and amplify the programs that have an impact.

NextHealth supports millions of members on its platform on behalf of national and regional health plans. We’d love to talk with you about how we can reduce medical costs for your plan. Please contact us for more information.

You can start with an audit of current programs, deploy using the NextHealth SaaS platform using professional services, or ramp your analytics experts on the NextHealth Platform. To learn more, contact us.