Turnkey implementation and management.

With aligned incentives.

Optimize resources

Let NextHealth do the heavy lifting for you

Our managed services offering limits your resource requirements and aligns incentives with an at-risk contract based on causal claims savings. We get you up and running quickly, typically within 90 days of data receipt.

With our speed to insight and expertise in behavioral economics, we complement and extend your internal marketing and analytics capabilities to create “nudges” that empower members to make the best healthcare decisions – behavior change that drives down medical costs and improves outcomes.


Reduce risk, leverage your resources, and be up and running within 90 days. NextHealth Managed Services takes care of everything from data ingestion, population insights, intervention inventory, nudge creation, campaign design, delivery, and reporting to ensure outcomes are being delivered, tracked and optimized.


Supercharge the efficiency of your teams with the support of our managed services. We provide the platform, the training, and the resources to partner with your organization to deliver the best outcomes possible - as quickly as possible - paving the way for sustained ROI.



When you succeed, we do too. When you choose our managed services offering, NextHealth will put our fees at risk based on the successful delivery of outcomes. Because the platform proves and precisely measures claims savings, we can align our incentives with that of our clients.