NextHealth Technologies was recently highlighted in 5280 Magazine’s January 2018 showcase on Denver’s booming digital health scene. The company was called out for its focus on cutting costs by “knowing what works” for health plans and healthcare consumers through better population targeting, measurement and optimization of clinical and engagement programs.

As consumers become more responsible for their healthcare choices and for spending more of their own money on those choices, it’s never been more important to know which programs will work best for them on an individualized basis. There are a dizzying array of programs to improve and manage health, from diabetes management to smoking cessation to urgent care – it’s hard to know which one will be most effective in spurring the best outcomes. NextHealth’s analytics platform not only measures the outcomes of these programs with scientific rigor and accuracy, but it also automatically optimizes those outcomes by helping direct consumers to the programs that work best for them, saving money and importantly, improving their health.