The platform that orchestratessustained medical cost reductions.

Know what works...and what doesn't.

The Outcome Platform

NextHealth amplifies and accelerates your existing analytics solution to deliver remarkable cost savings.

Powered by:

  • Spark
  • Microsoft Azure

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The only enterprise analytics and consumer engagement platform that scales easily from one to many use cases. Enables your analytics, marketing, care management, and population health teams to collaborate and accurately measure the significant and sustained cost savings they generate.

The platform predicts risk-reduction opportunities and prescribes personalized member-level actions or “nudges” to dramatically improve and optimize outcomes across multiple use cases.

A Secure, Scalable Open Source Platform

Integrate data from across departments - NextData™

NextData is a powerful data foundation for the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) analytics process. NextData ingests three years of your member data and extends your relational database into a powerful NOSQL environment. NextData then uses a series of scripts operating on this customer data and third-party data sources to create a master member data (MMD) repository with hundreds of member-level attributes.

This integrated, multi-year dataset makes it easy to scale from one to many use cases in a matter of days. NextData is high trust certified and built on Microsoft Azure. NextData allows you to:

    • Combine member-level data from multiple client and third-party data sources in one place

    • Access a standardized framework with hundreds of time-dependent member attributes for use in predictive analytics

  • Augment your current data with useful summary and derived variables using NextHealth’s high-information recoding technology

NextData quickly transforms your data into a powerful predictive database enabling unprecedented speed to value analysis.

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Identify impactable members, not just high risk members - NextInsight™

NextInsight delivers actionable insights by identifying and ranking member attributes that drive Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as # of ER visits, retention %, and total medical cost. Proprietary algorithms restructure data types, impute missing values, and eliminate redundant predictors. Statistical and machine learning algorithms then compute correlations, define clusters and generate cluster attribute breakdowns to deliver not just a list of high risk members but a highly targeted list of impactable members. Engaging these members is what drives significant cost savings.

    • Visualize multiple member attributes (demographics, KPI’s, behaviors, etc.) within clusters

    • Replace labor intensive, trial-and-error approaches to customer segmentation and KPI analysis by harnessing advanced prescriptive analytics techniques

  • Access member population insights and attributes that drive KPI's which facilitates additional targeted interventions.

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Prove causality by calculating campaign impact - NextLift™

NextLift determines who to target, with which campaign, and continually updates the performance metrics for each campaign. Decisions are often made without a structured way to pinpoint whether it was the intervention message (nudge) that changed behavior or whether it was some other factor that caused the behavior change. NextLift uses randomized controlled trials (RCT’s) to isolate what caused the observed change in behavior.

NextLift precisely calculates the improvement (“lift”) and statistical significance for each campaign, intervention or nudge. By using RCT's and statistics to prove causality, NextLift enables healthcare executives to invest only in those interventions that change behavior, and reduce costs.

    • KPI prediction and member risk ranking

    • Optimizes campaign assignments given resource constraints

    • Measures impact (lift) and statistical significance

  • Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) approach enables causal attribution of impact

NextLift applies the latest performance update to each nudge assignment cycle resulting in an adaptive learning process. The algorithms can be used on dozens of KPI's representing multiple use cases.

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Create, measure & target messages to impactable customers - NextNudge™

NextNudge uses machine-learning techniques to target nudges to the members predicted to be most likely to respond to them. NextNudge manages the messaging and execution of campaigns across all channels, including calls, direct mail, email, and SMS.

NextNudge includes adaptive trials to quickly determine which interventions work best for whom and integrates with customer work flows or CRM systems to deploy the campaigns for each member. NextNudge constantly learns and adapts to ensure you invest in the nudges that work, reducing costs and driving outcomes.

    • Target limited resources to the members who will respond best

    • See which campaign components are creating the greatest impacts on which members

  • Track improvements in health, re-enrollment, and medical and financial risk reduction

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Easily view campaign performance and total program success on one screen with one click. Easily configure, deploy, measure and optimize campaigns from a single interface and gauge resource effectiveness at any time.

View program ROI at a glance 24/7 - NextHealth Dashboard

NextHealth’s SaaS solution allows business executives and analyst teams to easily view campaign performance and total program success on one screen with one click. Easily configure, deploy, measure and optimize campaigns from a single interface and gauge resource effectiveness at any time. Executives and program leaders can:

    • Dive deeper into any area of the dashboard with one click.

    • Easily identify and rank population clusters that drive your key performance indicators (or “KPI’s”) across various use cases.

    • Immediately view actionable insights for targeted and personalized messaging based on what is most likely to work for whom.

    • See which campaigns generate outcomes and which do not at a glance

  • View the statistical “lift” and significance for each campaign

View the ROI of all your programs in one place - Dashboard
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