Creating a Baseline: 5 Steps to Measure Everything and Improve Affordability

The first step toward affordability – knowing what works – with the advanced breadth, depth and speed of the NextHealth platform, helps plans know what they have, what they need to look at, and where to go from there.

Mark Ganz, CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, Believes in a Radical Focus on Consumers

Highlights from an interview with Mark Ganz, President and CEO of Cambia Health Solutions

ROI Decision Making: P-Value Won’t Set Us Free

NextHealth's ROI Decision Curve in its analytics platform allows users to make rapid business decisions without relying solely on statistically significant results.

Hype or Reality: Will the $23B Analytics Market Spend Impact the $3.5T in US Healthcare Spend? Only When Insights Optimize Workflow.

NextHealth's Chief Product Officer, Sonu Kansal, shares why he believes that being able to make faster, data-informed decisions based on solid study design is the new competitive imperative.

It’s Time for More Pragmatic Test & Learn Approaches That Deliver Real-World Answers

To change health-related behaviors, we need to improve the way we test and learn about the interventions that have the most impact at the best cost.

The Failure to Learn What’s Really Working in Healthcare Is Driving Innovation

To change health-related behaviors, we need to improve the evidence around the highest impact and most cost-effective interventions.

How Hidden Insights Can Predict Consumer ER Habits for Better ROI – A Case Study

Pinpoint 60% of ER overuse costs by targeting only 20% of members to sharpen program decisions.

Three Ways for Healthcare Companies to Uncover Hidden Value Through a Culture of Experimentation

Lessons from Microsoft executive Ronny Kohavi on how to radically transform cost saving initiatives in the healthcare industry through rapid testing and experimentation.

terview with Dr. Steven Udvarhelyi, President and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

10 Lessons Learned in Driving New Healthcare Outcomes through Analytics with Dr. Steven Udvarhelyi

Highlights from an interview with Dr. Steven Udvarhelyi, President and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

healthcare measurement and optimization

5 Executive Insights About the Future From 2018 Healthcare Events

Top takeaways from 2018 UCAOA Urgent Care Convention and Health Evolution Summit offer insights into why a culture of measurement and optimization is a critical core competency in today’s highly competitive environment.

The Fast Eat The Slow

McDonald’s USA Senior Vice President of Strategy and Insights Kristy Cunningham shared her insights on building a high performing test and learn culture with Eric Grossman, CEO of NextHealth Technologies in the latest Analytics & Outcomes podcast.

It’s Time To Know What Works To Control Healthcare Costs

Selected insights from senior healthcare executive summit outlining how to use measurement and optimization to drive down medical and administrative costs.

JP Morgan conference san francisco

Insights from the 36th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

NextHealth Technologies’ CEO Eric Grossman and VP of Sales and Business Development Elise Mariner outline takeaways from the conference describing how plans can tackle the unsustainable cost environment.

Finding the Signal in Difficult Data

Changing consumer behavior is complicated. Many different factors can impact human health-related behavior.

NextHealth Highlighted in 5280’s “Digital Health Boom”

NextHealth Technologies was recently highlighted in 5280 Magazine's January 2018 showcase on Denver's booming digital health scene. The company was called out for its focus on cutting costs by "knowing what works" for health plans and healthcare consumers through better population targeting, measurement and optimization of clinical and engagement programs.

Test and Learn Your Way to Medical Cost Savings

Being able to test, measure and optimize quickly and consistently is essential for innovation, cost reduction, and improved outcomes. This capability has been widely adopted in industries such as retail, financial services, fast food, and publishing, but is not as widely seen in healthcare. NextHealth's platform solution helps health plans quickly and consistently automate a "test and learn" culture to test and optimize both new and existing programs to drive both administrative and medical cost reduction.

Know What Works – Make Data-Driven Decisions To Drive Down Medical Costs

Eric Grossman, CEO of NextHealth Technologies, recently attended the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit, Nov 6-8 in Dallas, TX. Titled “Industry Interrupted: Delivering on the Promise of Change”, the event convened healthcare industry leaders to discuss disruption in healthcare. We recently sat down with Eric to highlight his thoughts on the event and the industry as a whole.

Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize – Can Behavioral Economics Drive Down Healthcare Costs?

Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler's economic theories have wide-spread implications on behavioral change and program design. Within the realm of healthcare, understanding how consumers make choices will help health plans frame solutions and tackle complex problems.

Improve the Bottom Line by Reducing Low-Cost, Low-Value Services

Low-cost, low-value, high-volume health services contribute to 65% of unnecessary healthcare spending – here’s what health plans can do about it.

Machine Learning in Healthcare: From Data to Prediction

Machine learning in the NextHealth platform allows for more accurate prediction of targeted behaviors and more precise targeting of high-risk, impactable populations.

Reduced Risk, Scalable Value: The Build-Operate-Transfer Model

When addressing complex problems, the right deployment model can be just as important as the solution. Our Build-Operate-Transfer deployment model reduces risk, calculates rapid ROI, and empowers teams for long-term, scalable medical cost reduction.

Target, Measure, Optimize: Three Ways Health Plans Can Get Ahead of the Opioid Crisis

Given the scale of the opioid crisis and the associated budgetary demands, it’s more important than ever that insurers know which interventions provide the greatest benefit, so they can get the most out of every engagement dollar spent. Many of these problems can be prevented, provided that opioid disorders are recognized and supported by appropriate interventions.

Optimizing Outreach to Maximize Resources and Empower Consumers

Health plans often struggle to get the right tools and information to the members who need them most. Our solution? A platform that rapidly measures and optimizes outreach programs, so plans can prove which efforts are working and pivot away from those that aren’t.

Understanding Social Determinants to Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes

Roughly 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care each year because of transportation issues. Social determinants of health can significantly impact health outcomes and increase risk behavior - leading to higher medical costs. A deeper understanding of social determinants can help health plans develop programs that lead to better health outcomes for members while also reducing costs.


Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Address Opioid Abuse

In the face of the explosion of opioid abuse disorders, NextHealth has developed new KPIs that can better predict opioid abuse and use disorders. Opioid use increased 493% between 2010 and 2016 according to a new BCBSA study, and health plans are trying new interventions and programs to combat its rise.

Eric Grossman Interviewed at 2017 Health Evolution Summit

NextHealth CEO, Eric Grossman, was recently interviewed at the 2017 Health Evolution Summit for their Executive Interview Series. He spoke about how NextHealth helps take 1 out of 2 people out of the ER who are there for avoidable reasons.

Using Analytics + Engagement to Address Diabetes

The NextHealth platform tackles the growing problem of diabetes with big data, advanced analytics and effective consumer engagement.

Podcast | Consumer-Centric Healthcare: A Conversation with Avik Roy

NextHealth Technologies CEO, Eric Grossman, interviews Avik Roy, President of The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity.

man holding phone

Effective Health Insurance Marketing – Frictionless Engagement

Effective consumer engagement can be difficult in today’s complex landscape, especially for health insurers. Payers must focus on making the interactions with their members "frictionless" to help drive satisfaction and loyalty, as well as to ensure that they stand out from the competition.

Three Strategies to Overcome Common Healthcare Analytics Mistakes

A recent article in Health Data Management outlined 5 common mistakes healthcare companies make when trying to drive improvement with analytics. NextHealth offers 3 additional mistakes they can make, as well as how to solve for them.

Measuring “Lift” in the Real World

After using RCTs in dozens of client campaigns, NextHealth gleaned four important lessons as to how RCTs work as a measurement model. NHT balances scientific rigor with practical considerations to measure impacts for our clients and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Innovation for Healthcare Executives: Health Evolution Summit 2017 Key Takeaways

The 2017 Health Evolution Summit was exceptional. Here are some of my key takeaways from this year’s event including health plan innovation success stories and how to address challenges in funding and implementing innovation projects.

HITRUST Certification Reflects NextHealth’s Commitment to Client Data Security

Since healthcare organizations are increasingly a prime target for cybercriminals looking to obtain members’ personal health information, NextHealth Technologies set out to obtain the HITRUST CSF certification as quickly as possible. Here’s how we did it and 5 key takeaways for other healthcare organizations pursuing the HITRUST CSF certification.

Don’t Leave Digital Engagement Dollars on the Table

Given the wide adoption of technology, how are healthcare organizations using digital strategies to engage with consumers?

Using Python for Data Science

Python is a general purpose programming language which emphasizes code readability and programmer productivity, and is at the heart of NextHealth Technologies’ analytics engine.

The Power of Maps in Healthcare

London, in the mid 1850’s, was a bustling city of about 2.5 million people living in close proximity to one another with basically no sewage infrastructure or waste management system.

Are You Being Nudged?

You may be surprised to learn that for nearly three decades, social scientists have been quietly engineering ways to help us live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Integrate “Who, What, and How Well” for Consumer Behavior Change

It’s hard to read about healthcare today without bumping into a product, service or initiative that is trying to drive consumer or patient behavior change.

The 3 Most Important Database Principles Driving Big Data ROI

Last month, Eric Grossman, the CEO of NextHealth Technologies (“NHT”), discussed the 4 requirements of a “No Regret Investment” in analytics.

Way to go, Broncos!

The office had quite the amazing view from the NextHealth Technologies offices as the proud Denver Broncos came marching up 17th Street.

Are Predictive Analytics a Waste of Money?

Predictive analytics are a capital “B” or a billion-dollar annual investment in health care today with many C-suite executives writing blank checks and still waiting on return on investment or improvement in health outcomes.

Cloud-First Strategy for Business Agility?

The measure of building an enduring competitive advantage by delivering products and/or services more quickly, less expensively and with better quality

Causality – How Important Is It In Healthcare?

Health care payers (insurers) and providers are seeking innovations that demonstrably improve health and lower the medical costs of the populations they serve by impacting positive behavioral changes.