Our Solutions

Results that improve access to care.

NextHealth offers a range of solutions designed to help health plans address those areas where changing behavior offers improved access to care for members while providing better affordability and quality for everyone. As your partner, we use our advanced analytics platform to identify what’s working for your health plan, what isn’t, and how to fix it.  

Uncover the story your data is telling.

Your member data is telling a powerful story. At NextHealth, our solutions are designed to listen to the signals in your data and uncover opportunities for you and your members.  

Activate and Engage Members in Virtual Disease Management Programs

The need for activation and engagement appears across high-cost clinical areas. We understand the challenges health plans face in these areas.

Improve Utilization Management

Our solutions can be applied across sites of care redirecting members to lower cost options without compromising outcomes.

Streamline the Measurement and Optimization of Clinical Care Programs

Let’s go from perceived efficacy to concrete intelligence.  The only way to get there is through rigorous, scientific, real-time measurement—analysis that gets insights and answers, fast, to drive workflow, improvement, innovation and market advantage.

How Does it Work: Influencing Member Behavior

When you partner with us, you have the real-time insights to better identify and influence members, improving activation and outcomes, moving the needle on costs.

We are Unique: Work with NextHealth for big impact

We are devoted to partnering with Health Plans. Teaming with plan leadership and their operational teams to evaluate and optimize all programs and initiatives.

Our solutions are helping transform healthcare

Our solutions are helping transform healthcare